The 200 Club is a network of past players and friends of EUVC, each of whom make a monthly donation in exchange for a regular e-newsletter and the chance to win cash prizes in the monthly draw. However, the real benefit to the members of the 200 club is the knowledge that they are directly supporting the activities of EUVC. The 200 Club is a new endeavour for EUVC and we have high hopes about how it will benefit the club. The monthly donations of £2 per share will help to fund a series of improvements to the club, including purchasing and providing matching shorts for the girls uniform. The 200 Club is a way for EUVC to establish lost connections with past players, whilst improving the existing equipment and accessories that EUVC offers to its current players. All support is appreciated. The draw for the cash prizes of the 200 Club will happen on the 1st of every month, and will be split into 3 tiers. First prize will be for £100, second prize for £75, and third prize for £25. As you can see, there’s a good chance to win some cash! Every member of the 200 Club will have an assigned number, and winners will be randomly selected through a random number generator.

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Due to this being a draw, please note that we cannot accept GiftAid on these donations