EUVC Match Reports: Week of October 30th

The Mens 1st team played the University of Nottingham Mens 1st team and won 3-1 (12-25; 26-24; 25-23; 25-22). It was an important game for the boys and they earned their first victory of the season. Each game was fought hard by Edinburgh’s men. Despite a tough start for the guys, with a lot of serving and passing mistakes that led to a 12-25 loss in first set, the team didn’t give up and came back strong to turn around the game and close it 3-1. Really strong performance by all the Edinburgh players, who managed to fix a lot of issues and finally looked to come together as a team and bring home the first 3 points of the year!

(Credit: Fabio)

The Women’s 1st team played Nottingham as well and unfortunately lost 3-0. The Nottingham women’s team proved to beat the girls with their serving and hitting. It was a tough game for the girls, but they will continue to train and prepare for their next BUCS match.

Women’s 2 played the University of Strathclyde on Sunday, winning 3-1. The entire team played very well. They got some really good hits and served strongly too! It was great to see everybody working hard. They are going to work on their communication, middle blocking, and covering the deep corners and tips for next time.

(Credit: Vicky)

EUVC M2 had the difficult task of playing University of Aberdeen’s 1st Men’s team on Sunday-they lost 3-1 (22:25; 25:20; 25:13; 25:13). This was expected to be a tough and equally decisive match to keep up with the top teams of the 2nd Scottish University League. After turning the first set around and taking the first set, the 2nd set was very much a match on equal level. Only a few critical points towards the end decided the 2nd set in favour of Aberdeen. With the away team gaining momentum and confidence EUVC M2 was not able anymore to take control of the match and prevent Aberdeen emerging as the winner. After a strong fight the match ended …. . Well done M2 for the good fight!

(Credit: Thomas)