EUVC W2 Victory in Thrilling 5 sets


This weekend the EUVC Woman II team travelled up to Stirling for an exciting match resulting in a 5 set victory.

Both sides presented strong players who battled it out on court for two hours, until finally EUVC came out on top in the 5th set to end the thrilling match 3-2.

EUVC started out convincingly during the first set with fast tempo hits by Ilaria Giacon accompanied by Faith Jeffers’ varied setting. The attacks began strong from the service line on both sides but the service receives and good strategic defence created long rallies. The Stirling girls struggled more to disrupt EUVC’s defence unit causing their defeat in the first set:

EUVC 25 – 18 Stirling

The tables unfortunately turned in the second set and continued through to the third as Stirling woke up and began to sneak in clever shots throwing off the opponent’s defence. The Edinburgh girls gave away too many service and service receive errors which resulted in their downfall and were unable to make up for it in their attacks.

EUVC 19 – 25 Stirling

EUVC 14 – 25 Stirling

However, this did not discourage the girls as they came out determined to take the 4th set. With Stirling having trouble retaining their positions, and confusion taking over their side, EUVC took advantage to break down their opponent’s system. The momentum that the Edinburgh girls had failed to take into the second and third set, suddenly reappeared as the team upped their strategies and drive to win the game.

EUVC 25 – 17 Stirling

The tension was high, the score was even, and it was time to see which side could outperform the other after a long game of tiring rallies. Although EUVC reached the first 8 points first with a few points head start, the set was yet to be over. The tight scoreboard continued to climb past the 15 mark as each side continued to erase the match point. It was a competitive ending and the girls finally rejoiced after their efforts paid off in the last few points.

EUVC 19 – 17 Stirling