Last matches for W2 in NVL Triangular

On Saturday the EUVC Woman II team went to Chryston High School to take on the Jets II and the Su Ragazzi II. EUVC fought hard in both matches, which culminated in a 3-0 win for EUVC and then a 0-3 loss for EUVC.

EUVC started the day strongly against the Jets, sending over a strong offense of several aces and well-placed hits. Although the Jets lost several points to rotational errors, EUVC still won the first game by a wide margin. Despite losing their stride in the beginning of the second set, they focused up and pulled through to win all three sets.

EUVC entered the second game with high spirits from their earlier win. However, the Su Ragazzi team were very good, with a strong defense that leaded to highly strategic hits and tips. The W2 girls rose to the challenge but ultimately made too many mistakes in each set. Trying to play it safe to mitigate mistakes created space for Su Ragazzi to run a strong offense, and they ultimately took the game 3-0.

Although they lost one game, the W2 girls felt good about the way they played in their last matches of 2016, but are ready to learn from their mistakes and train hard in the new year!