Match Reports: Weeks of 20th and 27th November Matches

These last two weeks (November 20th and 27th) were tough weeks for EUVC.

The women’s 1st team had to forfeit their game last Wednesday against Newcastle because they were kicked out of the CSE hall (time slot).

The men’s 1st team lost 3-1 to Sheffield University. It was a challenging game with strong hits and serves by the opposing team. Our men’s team couldn’t fight strong enough against the tall Sheffield players.

This Wednesday the men’s 1st team lost 3-0 to a very strong Northumbria team. The boys couldn’t match the tall Northumbria players’ serves and hits.The Northumbria team was very strong on defense and offense and made it very hard to play against them. The men’s team was also missing players due to injuries and time conflicts.

The women’s 1st team played against Northumbria’s women’s team after the boys. It was a tough match and the girls’ lost 3-0 to a very tall (and American) Northumbria team. The opposing team had height that Edinburgh’s team could not match, and it proved difficult to defend them.