The EUVC membership fee includes many great things to help you be the best you can be:

  • Free training (Up to 3 Sessions) with a fully qualified coach
  • Free fitness sessions for BUCS Teams
  • Exciting socials with special EUVC drinks offers
  • Free transport to and from matches
  • Being part of a brilliant and supportive team community

We have 4 different options for memberships this year:

Please note that in order to join the volleyball club (excluding the districts/recreational membership) requires a membership at the University Gym.

  • Full Year Membership (UoE Students) (£105)
  • One Semester Membership (UoE Students) (£65)
  • Full Year Districts/Recreational Membership (UoE Students) (£65)
  • Non-Students  Full Year Membership(£160)
  • Non-Students One Semester Membership (£75)

Membership can be purchased at