SVL Weekend for M1, W1, and M2

Weekend 11/11-12/11/2017

Men’s 1:

Saturday, November 11th, SVL Triangular Edinburgh VA Thunder II and South Ayshire II

Playing with seven players against a South Ayshire team that the team had already faced, the guys were feeling confident in being able to get a win with little resistance. The match started on an average level, with good passing, strong hitting, but very inconsistent serving. The sets ticked by quickly, as the EUVC team did not receive many attacks, and those which came through were picked up, as the team progressively picked up the pace. By the third set the boys were in a rhythm, and held South Ayshire II to just ten points, as serving had finally picked up, and most spikes were finding the court.

Following a relatively straight forward win against South Ayshire II, the EUVC M1 team then faced VA Thunder II, once more in a match that they were confident they would win. Picking up on the same level they left off in the first match, the boys came out firing, conceding just ten points in the first set, five of which were from missed serves. The second set followed much to the same rhythm, with Paul Glissov and Trent Schmidt tearing up the outside hits and defensive blocks. In the third set the flow of played slowed somewhat, as we fielded an outside player as the setter, and the boys began to become somewhat distracted as a result of slow, and inconsistent volleyball. The game was ultimately closed out comfortably, as the EUVC M1 team enjoyed two games of three straight sets.

(Credit: Hally)

Women’s 1:

The Women’s 1 team played on Saturday away against City of Edinburgh, unfortunately losing 3-0. Despite the loss, the team played extremely well and demonstrated how far they have come. Nearly taking the first and third set, the team’s very strong hitting, passing, serving, and defending proved difficult for City. The team is quickly improving and is looking forward to their next challenge. Well done girls!

(Credit: Michaela)

Women’s 2:

The Women’s 2 team played in an SVL triangular on Sunday. They played two games and unfortunately lost 3-1 to Jets and 3-0 to Caledonia West. In the first match, the game started very well and kept a good pace till half of the first set, but then the team could not keep the ball for long in the second half. The same attitude was there in the second set but the girls fought more. They won the third game and played well. In the last game they had a general downturn and should have communicated more. In the game against Caledonia West, the other team’s strengths proved to win against our women’s team. They had very good hitting (especially deep and in the corners) and serving. From the first till to the third set a general and positive improvement could be seen. Edinburgh played especially in the last set. For both matches, considering that the girls did not have a coach (except for half of the first match), lacked substitutes, and some of the girls had to play a different role from what they usually do, the team all gave their best and fought hard to keep it up. The girls are aiming to improve communication for the next match.

(Credit: Giada)