W2 Close defeat in Home game


Sunday saw EUVC Woman’s II’s best performance of the year. The girls were up early and ready to confront the strong team from Napier University in St Leonards Land.

The first set started with excitement as both teams fought equally with strong attacks and a structured defence. Throughout the set, the score stayed balanced until eventually the Edinburgh girls began to lose control over their more complicated and newly introduced attacking systems. However, the girls climbed back up the score board to end the set only 4 points down.

Napier 25 – 21 Edinburgh

With the last set just slipping by their fingers, EUVC started the second one convincingly with ace serves by Kate Taylor and Faith Jeffers and fiercely executed line hits from outside hitter Courtney Matys. Although the girls put up a good fight, it still wasn’t enough for the Edinburgh girls against the fast tempo middle hits by Napier’s taller side. EUVC had trouble with their blocking timings which can easily be worked on for their triangular games next week.

Napier 25 – 19 Edinburgh

However, at this point, the two losses only made the EUVC side more determined to turn the match around. And what a fight it was. Right until the double digits on the score board, both teams were fighting with fast movement in defence and variation of attacking hits until finally the Edinburgh girls crumbled the Napier service receive unit.

Edinburgh 25 – Napier 22

It was disappointing when the girls failed to survive until the 5th set as the match ended in the 4th set with a Win 3-1 to Napier University. On the other hand, the coach Ewelina as well as the Edinburgh squad, were all extremely pleased with the overall performance during the tough match. All the players have shown great progress and will hopefully bring this positivity to their next SVL tournament next weekend.