Week 13/11/2017

Week 13/11/2017- A match-heavy week!

Women’s 2 won 3-0 against St. Andrews away on Monday night. The game gave the team an opportunity to work on different things like serving, setting back court, and the libero setting if she didn’t take the first ball. The team generally played well and communicated very well. There were good hits, serving, and passing. Well done ladies!

(Credit: Vicky)

The Women’s 1 team lost 3-0 to Durham in a tough match. Durham’s women’s team was extremely strong this year and was very difficult to break. Their team took control through service and hitting and the Edinburgh women couldn’t manage to dig the hits. The girls fought hard, but ended up losing to Durham. They are hoping to improve on serve receive and finishing their hits for the next match.

(Credit: Michaela)

The Men’s 1 team also unfortunately lost to the team at the top of the league, Durham, by 3-0 in another tough match. Durham’s tall team proved difficult to beat by the Edinburgh men’s team. They came out with strong serves and hits, which were quite challenging for our men’s team. The team is hoping to take their momentum and the positives from the game to their next match. This was one of their best played games so far.

(Credit: Michaela’s writing/Fabio’s wisdom)

The Women’s 1 team played against Jets in an SVL match on Thursday, winning 3-1. The girls fought hard and worked together to defeat Jets. There was strong serving and some very strong hits from Rachel and Adela. Despite a tough third set, which the girls lost based off communication and hitting issues, the team fought hard and pulled it together in the final set to take home the win.

(Credit: Michaela)

The Women’s 1 team also played against Su Ragazzi, losing 3-0. This was a tough game for the team, which made lots of errors. The game was lost off of EUVC errors and W1 is hoping to improve upon this in the future. They are looking to work on block defense and being smart with their hits. Looking forward to another tough match against Newcastle on Wednesday!

(Credit: Michaela)