EUVC Women’s 2 Team 2019/2020 Season, aka. W(onder women)2

This year’s W2 Team competed in both BUCS and SVA leagues and took part in Student Cup and Scottish Cup tournaments, meeting their team goals along the way and defining the 2019/2020 volleyball season as a very successful one.

The team showed relentless efforts, true competitive spirit and major progress towards becoming a performance team by taking home the ‘unbeaten’ title in their BUCS league, winning every game entered during the season! The success of this first achievement was continued by the team’s strong performance in the BUCS Conference Cup and by their determination in winning the final against the St. Andrew’s Team, and ultimately earning gold in the Cup.

The team’s strong efforts also allowed them to finish in joint 3rd position in the SSS Cup, after an impressive performance in the close semi-final against the EUVC W1 Team. Lastly, the Team retained their position in the SVL Premier league, meeting their last team goal for the season. As a club, EUVC is very proud of the Team’s progress and achievements, and the players are looking forward to the challenges that the next season will bring!

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