With a New season, comes a new EUVC: Welcome to EUVC 2021/2022

Students are flowing back into the streets of Edinburgh, cafes, restaurants and clubs are opening again and more importantly our players, new and old are returning to the volleyball court. The interest in the club recently has increased monumentally and we are proud to see such a change in our youth no matter where people come from. Whether seasoned Veteran or complete beginner, at EUVC we welcome you to this new season of volleyball!

From recreational to competitive to sitting volleyball, we want to ensure that everyone is a part of the EUVC Family and feels themselves accepted and part of the community. For these reasons, we are ready to finally deliver the brand new EUVC Handbook which explains every fdetail of the club so that all members can know about the functioning of the club no matter their skill level.

With all this said: Good luck with your year and your season, we hope for great success, no injuries and a lot of fun!

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