Men’s 1

Head Coach – James McHardy
Captain –

Squad List:

PositionPlayer Name
Aaron Leitch
Alexandros Vryonides
Ben McHardy
Fabio Avesani
Filip Futera
Jack Arnold
Jamie Anderson
Jamie McHardy
Joaquin Azanza
Marvin Ba
Matej Šándor
Nikolas Thomsen
Noah Candeli
Richard Kundratitz
Sverre Østerås

M1 is the 1st Men’s Volleyball team at EUVC. Competing in the SVL and the BUCS Premier it is the strongest of the Men’s Team and provides a high quality environment to train and improve. M1 currently trains 2 times a week and is now joining the Student Unions’s Sports Performance program, providing volleyball specific Strength and Conditioning to it’s players. In a further aim to improve this team’s results, we aim to hire an external coach to provide better training and feedback to the players during training or on court in games. The team also plays many games a year requiring it’s players to have enough free time and time management skills to participate in the training sessions and the games. Despite the high intensity training, it is nonetheless a team with a positive environment for personal development where team spirit is key. Selection to M1 is done through trials for new and existing players and/or promotion from M2 to replace departing or under performing players.

Recommended level: You have already played volleyball at a competitive level for a few years. You have strong fundamentals and you know what is required in a competitive team.