Men's 2

Head Coach – Fabio Avesani
Captain –

Squad List:

PositionPlayer Name
LiberoAlexis Boissel
Outside HitterArchie Herbertson
Middle BlockerBálint Szilágyi
LiberoHafizuddin Sharif
SetterKlitos Kountournis
Outside Hitter/OppositeMarcin Andraka
OppositeOscar Alberigo
Outside HitterÓscar Del Río García
Middle BlockerSam Fergusson

M2 is the 2nd Men’s Volleyball team at EUVC. Competing in the BUCS 2nd division and aiming to compete soon in the SVL, it is the entry point for most men’s Volleyball players at EUVC wanting to play competitive matches. Providing high quality training and a favorable environment to player development it aims to improve the level of it’s members while achieving the best possible results. Selection of new players to M2 is organised through trials and aim to fill up the places left by departing players. M2 currently trains once a week and competes in games against teams across Scotland and requires certain time demands so make sure to be have the time to allocate to the team.

Recommended Level: You have played some volleyball at a competitive level. You have decent fundamentals and you know what is required in a competitive team.