Women's 3

W3 after progressing to the Scottish Student Sport Conference Cup Final with a 3-0 win over University of West of Scotland

Head Coach – Kennedy Mason
Captain –

Squad List:

Agata Silijanoska
Aida Fez
Anka Grujic
Chloe Priestley
Codee Yui Cheung
Elizabeth Sheen
Francesca Bracci
Isa Caramico
Jessie Wu
Kamila Melicherikova
Karolina Futera
Luiza Wanderley
Nika Trnosvek
Sanne Vroklage
Sarah Farah
Silene Ten Seldam

W3 Is the 3rd Women’s team at EUVC. Competing in the BUCS Scottish 2nd division, it is a team for players with limited game experience and basic techniques. It is mainly a social team for players aiming to have a fun time playing volleyball while also playing games against other teams from other universities across Scotland. W3 generally offers a practice and a game a week giving you the coaching and experience to potentially improve and compete at a higher level if possible. There is quite a lot of changes done in between the women’s team over the season so selection is done through trials at the coach’s discretion or through promotion from the more social W4 or demotion from the more competitive W2.

Recommended level: A basic level of all-round skill is needed for W3 and a little game experience is recommended but not necessary.