Women's 4

Head Coach – Aitana Verdu Schlie

Squad List:

Alexiane Charron
Amani Ziyat
Amie Louise Doherty
Claire Fillingham
Esmée Humphries
Julie Rhein
Kinga Bagyo
Livi Creighton
Molly Sinclair
Niamh Melvin
Robyn D’Arcy-Evans
Sambavi Ehamparam
Vera Hudák

W4 is the 4th Women’s team at EUVC and is the women’s development team. In W4 you will receive more pushed and focused training to develop your skills to try and climb up the different teams. We aim to have W4 competing in the BUCS league soon to add a few extra competitive games to aid with the development and giving our players more game experience. However W4 is first and foremost a team environment in which we hope our players get enjoyable quality time to socialize and improve their technique. Selections of new players to W4 are done through trials to replace outgoing players.

Recommended Level: To be confirmed by coach